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Too much of a hassle for you to just go out to settle your bills? Fret not, ZCITY App is here to help you simplify your payment experience! Pay your bills securely with the app at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Doesn’t take up too much of your time and efforts but just with the touch of your fingertips on your mobile phone, it will help solve your day to day tasks and bills.

Reasons To Use Zbills?

Enjoy discounted deals with Zcoin

Exclusively for ZCITY users will entitle one to enjoy discounts for every bill transaction.

ZERO processing fee

Absolutely no processing fee! Best believe it.

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With every payment transaction made, you’ll be able to earn and collect Zcoin! The more the better. The Zcoin will enable you to use it for further discount in the next payment transaction.

Pay Your Bills The Easy Way

Managing your utility bills with these easy steps.

Telco Bills

Step 1

Tap “Bill Payment” icon at Homepage

Step 2

Select your telco service

Step 3

Fill in your mobile account number.
Once done, select reload amount and tap “Confirm”

Step 4

Choose your payment method and tap
“Submit” to proceed with your payment

Step 5

Receive a notification that states payment is successful!

Utility Bills

Step 1

Tap “Bill Payment” icon in Homepage

Step 2

Select your biller

Step 3

Enter your water bill account number,
payment amount and once done,
tap “Confirm” to proceed

Step 4

Select your payment method and tap
“Submit” to confirm with your payment

Step 5

Payment successful

Bill Payment FAQs

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Council Bills

Rental Collection


Tax Assessment

Pay Bills, pay online with ZCITY anytime!

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