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The Best of Zstore

The Best of Zstore

The Best of Zstore

Experience guilt-free online shopping through Zstore and buy products at great prices. Enjoy discounts on your favourite brands and Group Buy cheaper meals with family or friends!

Special Prices on Your Favourite Brands

Earn more Zcoins to get more discounts on every transaction when you apply your Zcoins.

Save More with Group Buy Campaign

Join the Group Buy force to enjoy cheaper prices and save together with friends & family.

Double Rewards with Zcoins

Earn Zcoins by purchasing, and apply Zcoins when purchasing.

Check out it Zstore to Explore More Dealz

Step for Zstore

Step 1

Tap the 'Zstore' on the homepage.

Step 2

Tap the 'Malaysia' on the homepage select country.

Step 3

Tap the 'Merit Chicken Satay' preferred on the Frozen Food section on the homepage.

Step 4

Tap the 'Buy Now' on the homepage once selected your preferred item.

Step 5

Tap the 'Zcoins' to get Zcoin & tap buy now to purchase the preferred item.

Step 6

You can see the preferred item on the 'To Receive' panel.